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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 10, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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it's a remarkable story about a man's love for an injured puppy. >> the look on that man's face is unbelievable. >> now, see the heroes who came to the rescue and find out the reason behind the dog and owner's deep bond. dude runs in front of a car -- >> and runs right off. >> why we're calling him the russian terminator. it's a behind-the-scenes look at oli's whirlwind trip to vienna. >> there's no noise. >> how to cram all this into 72 hours and still wind up hosting a beauty pageant. >> he cleans up nice. plus a giant blow up bear
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pushes a vandal over the edge and dads read their daughters' text messages to their boyfriends. >> whoa. >> the video that has people breaking a sweat wondering -- >> if your dad got ahold of either of your phones. >> let's just say i never thought about tackling my dad, i would tackle my dad. i have a box of kleenex here because of this video runs the full gamut of emotions. and you're going to need it. this is a video fromm animal ai unlimited. this poor puppy is in distress, being held by its garden and as you can see it has an injured leg. this little fella needs some help and the family is worried because they think this dog is not going to survive. they believe this dog may have to be put down. >> it's hard to tell who has the sadr look the guy or the puppy. >> the look on the man's face is unbelievable but the story that is revealed will surprise you. because animal aid unlimited
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came and picked up the dog and they took the dog to their medical facility and i must say this next video you're about to see may be very difficult to watch. >> that's a shattered leg bone. >> you are exactly right. this leg was crushed. so the leg had to be amputated. the very next day the dog was returned to the guardian and his family and look at the look on this mapn's face when he gets te dog back. >> the next day? >> the next day. they gave him medication, they gave him what he would need to heal up and the man is ecstatic. here you discover why this was so emotional for the man. >> you're kidding. >> this man has a prosthetic leg. >> oh. that's a bit awesome, isn't it? >> can you say, like father, like son in this case. >> i think you would say yeah. >> yeah. folks, the new terminator has been spotted and to no
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surprise in russia. >> oh! >> he got -- >> did you see a little weave to the car and runs right off. >> my bad. sorry. >> why did he run away? >> look at the damage to the car. >> yeah, yeah. >> he's like bye. meanwhile the car is like crack. >> the car is damaged and the driver of that car gets out and runs after that terminator-looking guy who seems to not even be bothered by the car hit he took. no word whether that guy caught up with that guy or not. apparently he doesn't look injured or worse for the ware. the next incident caught on the security cameras of this house. just wouldn't believe it. this video from about a year ago, but getting some attention now. watch this. >> oh. >> holy cow. >> bam. you thought your car was safely parked in the driveway, but no, watch it again. this honda comes around the corner there, not sure if the car took the corner too fast or lost control or wasn't paying attention, but it hops the curb,
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boom, takes out the small tree and broadsides that car knocking it out of the way. in all three cars were damaged. the two right off. >> one mailbox doa. >> you see the car door pop open, a woman gets out, hand to her head for a brief moment, other people coming out of the house, making phone calls. >> she doesn't look like she's injured thankfully. ♪ let it know ♪ >> whoa. >> oops. >> makes sense when you see this video in china where some snow starts coming up after a blizzard the day before and then all comes. >> no. move out of the way, quick. >> that one bit fell off, loosened it a little bit, a roof covered in snow. onces the little bit goes it becomes a game of snow tetaris as it tumbles down to the street. >> probably doesn't feel cool to
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the people down there. >> it's only snow. it breaks. >> have you ever got hit with snow? >> no. our next video also pretty cool. literally actually comes close to antarctica, shot off arthur harbor. you get to see incredible stuff. >> oh. >> a whole pod of orcas hunting off this ice floe. it's a little like peekaboo as every now and again they pop up going, hi, hi, hi. >> oh, my gosh, that is so cool. >> they're going down, driving the fish up, when they come up they're eating as well. a whole bunch of them. it's an all-you-can-eat buffet. it's whack a whale. >> yeah, it is. ♪ vandalles in jersey just aren't in the holiday spirit. this ten-foot tall bear sits outside of vb electronics.
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folks love to take pictures with it. it's part of the community. >> these things are just a big target. huge inflatable things. go ahead. >> yeah. well this hanukkah bear is not any different because this guy dives right into it, takes it down, tackles it and starts fighting with it, tussling with it and runs off. >> that's a horrible thing to do. >> i tell you, that's terrible. >> you know, it's there for a purpose n purpose, for decorating, contributing tos the holiday spirit. >> to dumb stream men, it's a red rag to a bull. just came in a full sprint. obviously just being stupid with his mate thinking it will make them laugh but you're not thinking about everyone else, the community, the people that want to take photos. >> the store owners are saying all they're concerned about is the person who did this pay for it. >> must have been unbearable to watch. >> to russia, this robber walks into the store and this woman is not here for any of it. what do you want. yeah, okay.
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no. you're not getting anything. she starts having some type of conversation with him. not sure what she says. he reaches over and tries to snatch the cash register. no. he pulls out a weapon. >> oh. >> she's like, hitting him completely fighting him back. >> she got it. >> it fell on the floor. >> yeah. >> she gets the weapon, he gets the cash register but she chases him out the door. unfortunately he does get away but officers caught him a few hours later hailing her a hero but she did fight back but we all know you probably shouldn't do that. a woman needs rescuing so a helicopter swoops in. >> not exactly optimal conditions. >> why the pilots' skills help save the day. and our very own oli petty grew jets across the globe for a trip of a lifetime. >> i don't have enough time to
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closed captioning provided by -- smoothes, softens. reduces bumps 72 percent. smoothes, softens. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. this right here, gentlemen, is a table and on that table you're seeing a mirror, a rubik's cube. >> is that a camera? >> what else are you seeing? >> a hat, a cat, a pen. >> like a third grade spelling test. >> do not judge too soon. you are about to see something amazing. because look at this thing that looks like a cup sitting upside down on top of this paper note. >> oh. >> these are pretty amazing and
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morphic illusions. the camera that you thought was a camera is nothing more than a flat piece of paper on the table. >> that's astounding. >> what kind of printer are they using? >> it's incredible. when you get so up close the clever thing is that all of the images match the lightsing environment. that's the trick as well, they've actually matched the lighting of the room and table to these things which help sell it. >> i'm looking at this and if somebody gave me all those pictures and told me to set it up so it looked right i couldn't do that. >> the realism, too, of those printouts, it's -- >> hang on. that hat. >> yes. >> like if you turned a fan on in the room it would blow everything. >> this rescue was going on in brazil over a body of water and you can see there is a busy crew trying to rescue a woman. this woman reportedly fell 40
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feet and so this helicopter, this military helicopter, has come in to help rescue this woman to get her out of there. that pilot has to maneuver and not exactly optimal conditions to get low enough to lift the woman in the safety bed they have her in and put her into the helicopter. >> look at the low cloud cover at the top as well. this as far as days go this is a hard day to just be flying, let alone doing this. >> exactly. look at how when that helicopter gets low enough it has to stay in position so these people can work to lift the woman into that. it's not like they have a ramp or they can roll it out and send her up. >> that's cool. videos like this where i think i want to be a helicopter pilot. >> she had a femur fracture, something that would prohibit her from walking out under her own power. she's being lifted up by manpower. they slide her into that helicopter. there you see it just lift off. i mean, bravo to the pilots and
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a ul these people doing that. that pilot, wow, talking skill right there. this next video a different kind of water video. you see the man they're pulling into the boat. he's o ae's on one of the adven rides. nick is going to laugh. >> zero awareness of the situation you're in. you just got pulled back in, you're still on the river, rapids. >> he doesn't have any sea legs. he should stay on land the rest of his life. >> he wasn't the only one that fell out that time. >> wonder if there are any adult beverages on that raft? >> his friend wasn't wet. you may have noticed i wasn't at work for a couple days last week. >> nope, didn't notice. >> you were gone? >> yeah. i was a very, very lucky guy, i was invited by the guys to host the crystal anniversary their 15th year in all places in vienna, austria, so i got to go with my misses as well.
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>> beauty pageant. >> beauty with a core, raising awareness and environmental issues. the thing about it they flown me in the day before. i didn't have anything to do until 6:00 p.m. the next day for a briefing. gave us a whole day in vienna and it's amazing. >> coming out the metro and the first thing we see is that. >> oh, my gosh. that is beautiful. >> this is where that gets staggering. that steepens. that was built in the mid 14th century. we're going to have a huge performance of classical music and singing and when we went in they were rehearsing. the sound you're about to hear was recorded on my phone while i was there. ♪ >> it was incredible. we're going around looking at hundreds and hundreds of years of history with this as our soundtrack. >> i have goose bums over here. >> it was just the stomp.
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check out where they have hors s s. >> yes, that is the most highly trained horses in the world. this was built in the 1700s and a reason i knew that. >> crimson tide. >> oh. >> see. >> because they're born black and then turn white. >> exactly. everybody knows that. crimson tide. awesome. >> the culture can educate you. >> the misses fell asleep on the train on the way home. i had to go to work. >> we're doing a tech rehearsal. all the girls on stage. >> it was chaos, me and 18, 19 beauty queens from around the world. so crazy we never got to do a full run-through. you like the way they introduce me. >> please welcome from "right this minute" oli pettigrew. >> hey! >> yeah. >> "right this minute." oli pettigrew, boom.
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after a couple hours doing stuff like this. >> austria! >> before you know it it was time for -- >> time for a drink. or pint. >> a serious accident where -- >> he's lucky that he is still alive. >> how this close call gave him a new perspective on the next "right this minute." still to come -- the world of drones just got a whole lot cooler with this one. >> yeah! >> a drone that can go under the water and examicome out out of and fly as well. >> why the naviator is changing the game. >> he wants to spread holiday heer red neck yle. >> see if his plan has people puckering up. cold truth is, you can't work from home when you're sick. you need real relief. alka-seltzer plus day cold & flu has three cold symptom fighters to relieve your tough symptoms. [deep breath] alka-seltzer plus. when you've got a house
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. let's do christmas a la red neck. >> it's christmastime, folks. happy merry christmas to you. >> i love this guy from the how you can redneck channel. he has a great idea to get people to kiss ya during this holiday season. >> this is how you spread holiday cheer. >> it involves a plunger and mistletoe. his head needs to be super soft so he can suction that plunger on to his head. >> did he buy a new plunger. >> why would you -- that's not redneck at all. take the one out of the bathroom and just -- >>s the plunger has been decorated with some red tape to make it look like a candy cane and he's attached some mistletoe
2:21 pm
to the front. >> people want to kiss santa claus. the mistletoe on top of the santa klaus outfide you're overkilling it. >> he appears to be getting kisses. i don't know if these were set up beforehand. he runs into one person that is really excited to kiss him. >> at this point now i'm curious, is that plunger really stuck to his head or modifiemod >> that's fascinating to me. >> i think it really is suctioned on to his head. >> i wonder if it unclogged anything. >> i'm stunned how many kisses he got. >> it's the holiday season. >> good job brother, way to spread the christmas cheer and who knows what else. wilbur gets a workout. ♪
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it's expected in america alone 700,000 drones are going to be bought this year, that's up 63% from last year. but there are supposed to be regulations. people aren't supposed to fly over 400 feet, within 5 miles of an airport, people aren't doing it and we're going to be seeing more and more of these videos. we're riding in a helicopter over a beach. keep an eye out for it. you know what's coming. >> try to get out of the way. >> did the pilot of the drone do what he was supposed to do. is there an airport within five miles. doesn't appear he's close to 4 hupz feet off the ground. >> nobody knows when people are going to fly drones or where so people have to figure it out before we have serious accidents. speaking of the future, let me introduce you to the naviator. we've been talking about it. a drone that can go under the water and come out of the water and fly as well. developed with the u.s. navy. >> i'm glad the people on our side created that. >> under water they need a cable
2:23 pm
but speculating the ways to use. inspect bridges from the outside, even go up and look under water and said you can track oil spills, mines and other such things. we'll see how far this goes. dads and daughters swap phones to read each other's texts. >> about to get real uncomfortable. >> see the awkward moments when they read between the lines. >> oh, i get it. on't
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days. -- holidays. puppies eat peanut butter for the first time. ♪
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daily and t-mobile teamed up a series called technically speaking and a lesson for all you daughters at home, be careful what you text because daddy might lay his eyes on it. >> anyway, do you ever check out what you text? >> oli, you're about to get real uncomfortable. the daughters and dads swapped phones. >> if your dad got ahold of your phones how much sweat would there be on your face? >> i never thought about tackling my dad, i would tackle my dad. >> i love this guy. he's just one of these people that when you see him you think there's some nice clean energy. >> i don't think my dad likes my boyfriends. >> i didn't. >> this is like giving somebody your personal diary. that's uncomfortable. no matter what's in there. >> i'm going to put it out there and say embarrassing or strange it is for the daughters, ten times worse for the dads. >> carter, had a great time last. what? i have a question. >> no.
2:28 pm
it's okay. >> immediately. no, no, no. it's good. it's good. >> ryan projectile vomits on the sidewalk. why did he vomit? >> he's really big. >> terrible flu. >> flu. >> she caught me reading my it text to my girlfriend. >> oh, no. >> go past that. >> oh, no. >> how proud dad looks. >> that's right. >> there it is, folks. >> oh, god. >> that's a wrap. the internet is full of video but we find the best. catch us on the next "right this minute."
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after a purse snatcher spots his target. >> he creeps up behind the woman. >> what happens when her child gets caught in the struggle. >> take the purse. leave the baby. video of three men has people wondering. >> what were they trying to do. >> what you are about to find out. >> adventure try to wedge three sports into -- >> a 12-hour weather window. >> what it takes to pull off a crazy climbing base-jumping matchup. behind every woman on instagram. >> is a instagram husband. >> i had to delete all the apps


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